19 July, 2010

Calum Lochlainn

Highland Warrior
Adventerous, Athletic, Brave, Disciplined, Flirty
Lifetime Wish: Physical Perfection
Favorites: Stu Surprise, Egyptian, Spice Brown

Custom Content:
Jonha's sliders for body shape: Here

Ahmads' Sliders for Face: Here

Chin to Neckline Sliders: Here

Chin Cleft Slider by Tum Tum: Here

Eyes: default replacements from Club Crimsyn called Multi-colored default replacement eyes: Here

Non Default skintone replacements/Rez Delnava's UI Mod: Here

Peggy's skin: Here

AwesomeMod (or other slider hack): Here

Eyebrows by Subaxi: Here

EA Content
Need World Adventures and Ambitions EP's for clothing

Kilt: Sims 3 Store Content Here

MediaFire: Download


FuryRed said...

Mmm, lovely. Definately going in my game :)

Erica said...

OOOh, he looks so rugged!

Anonymous said...

I Love the Sim and the theme but where did you get outfit #2?

Jin-Ah said...

Outfit #2 came from the Ambitions EP. To access it on your own you need to use "Testingcheatsenabled True" and then "Unlockoutifts on". Shows all the hidden clothes from time traveling.

Anonymous said...

Thank YOU! I hadn't tried that yet!