29 June, 2010

I love this one. Probably because I'm a bit of a dork when it comes to sci-fi....Well I'm a bit of a dork all the time really.


CelSera said...

Love it. Love it, love it, and love it. And love it.

...Did I mention I loved it? I might've forgotten. ^_^

You, Evie, and Rexy are 3 of my muses...I'd give anything to be that talented. I don't know how you do it...your pics have so much realism and the proportions and lighting are always spot-on perfect.

I'm sorry to sound like a gushing fangirl...but I'm a gushing fangirl. Thanks for being so frikkin' AWESOME...o_O

(and we need MORE TS3 sci-fi pics!)

Jin-Ah said...

Evie and Rexy both do excellent work. I love how creative they both are....Evie is so good in game and Rexy comes up with some crazy compositions that I love...chasing a giant lobster with a giant fork. You can do it too, its that old Practice makes perfect mantra.

I agree we do need more sci-fi. I'll try to work on that.